October 7 & 8, 2017


SERVE Day is what happens when we cancel our weekend services and meet the needs of our community.

On October 7 & 8 we will unleash more than 12,000 volunteers, from 5 campuses, to volunteer at 200 projects throughout the greater Sacramento region. We’ll provide manpower to schools, local non-profits addressing the needs of the poor, city and county departments, homeless, senior adults and other groups where we can help make a difference. There will be painting, landscaping, trash and debris removal, washing windows, gutter cleaning, smoke alarm checks, free carnivals and so much more.

Our hope is to provide $750,000 worth of work in the community while encouraging our neighbors and physically displaying the love of Jesus!


There are many ways for you to give your time, talents, and resources to SERVE Day. With hundreds of projects available for all ages and skill levels, it’s easy to find a project that you can help with.

General Volunteer sign-ups will start September 9 & 10

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Why Are We Doing This?

The Mission… Unleash 10,000 Bayside volunteers into projects in and around our community and SERVE our region on a grand scale. We’ll connect with our neighbors and actively show people the Love of Jesus through actions!

How Do I Sign Up?

You’ll be able to sign up online and at all campuses during weekend services starting in September.

I’ve Never Done This Before – Where Do I Start?

We have a project for everyone! You can browse projects by city or type. Please note that many of our projects do not require any particular skill – just a willing heart and a pair of hands. You’ll be able to sign up for morning or afternoon time slots on either day. You will have a Project Manager to guide you along the way.

What About Kids? Can We Bring Them Along?

Yes! Look for a “Family Friendly” project where your kids can work alongside you. Kids can make a great addition to the service team, provided the projects match their maturity and skills. As a Small Group, you may decide to designate someone to stay with the very young children, so everyone else can be free to serve. Limited Children’s Ministry will be available on Saturday, October 10, for ages 2 months to 3 years at the Bayside Granite Bay Campus. You will need to serve at a project within a five-mile radius of the campus.

I’m In A Small Group – Can We Do A Project Together?

Yes! We encourage Small Groups to find a project and serve together. A great project for groups to do together is the Placer County Trail Clean Up.

Do Participants Get A T-Shirt?

T-shirts will be available for a purchase of $7. SERVE shirts are not a requirement to serve. And YES, you can wear your shirt from a previous year!

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